Wellington Winter Qualifiers Dressage Competition 13th Dec 2020

Hip Hip Hurray Northwood Riding Club Team White are the Winners coming first overall out of 28 Teams Qualifying for the Nationals

novice 27 Team

Mikey Winn winner with 75.54%

Jess Barwick 6th 67.14%

Tracey Bourne 8th 67.61%

Ruth Hambeton 12th 64.83%

P7 Individuals

Tracey Bourne 4th 66.79%

Lisa Dickenson 9th 62.68%

N24 Teams

Sarah-Jane 1st 73.48%

Mikey Winn 3rd 69.35%

Jess Barwick 6th 66.74%

Sharon Wood 8th 66.30%

Brillant Scores all round