NAF Five Star Virtual Dressage Competition BRC

A.G.M 11th February 2022

It would great to see all members old and new attend our A.G.M on the 11th February in the comfort of your home via a Zoom meeting. Details sent out…

Reindeer Trophy Winner Dec 2021

Handy Rider Winner Dec 2021

Wellington Qualifiers results

Novice Dressage Qualifiers results Juliet Messenger 11th in Prelim 2 64.31% and 12th in P12 64.81% Sharon Wood 9th in Prelim 12 67.04% and 18th in N24 64.35% Peter Hambleton…

Jo Brett pole/ jump lesson

Stockers farm lesson with Jo Brett Sunday 20th February 45 mins at £30 plus £5 school hire.

2023 new hat tag

Something to think about if you are looking to getting a new hat anytime soon.From BRC From 1st January 2023, we will no longer be accepting 2 hat standards and…