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Northwood Riding Club is fully affiliated with the BHS

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Membership Fees

Riding Members £35.00 p.a. Social Members £25.00 p.a. or other such sum as shall from time to time be determined by the committee. Junior Members are admitted from 13 – 17 years of age. 


Ben Franklin Dressage Training at Stockers Farm,Hammer & Harp organised by Tracey Bourne 

Jo Brett pole and Jump Clinics at Stockers Farm Rickmansworth.

Hat Tagging

2021 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors


Special awards for contributions towards Club activities, sportsmanship etc., and nominations for these are requested each year prior to our AGM. The awards are presented at the Club’s Annual AGM.


Competitions are held regularly throughout the year. A brief description of NRC’s internal competitions appears below:

  • Buchanan Trophy: This is a show-jumping competition, run under Table A5 rules.
  • Phillippa King Dressage Cup: This is a Dressage Competition and is held in memory of Phillippa King, a NRC member who died after a long illness in July 1989.
  • Margaret Forster Trophy & Fun Evening: This is basically a Handy Rider Competition, incorporating a large element of fun. It is held at Christmas time. It is held in memory of Margaret Forster, an NRC member who was totally blind, and who sadly died after a long illness in 1984.
  • Coachman Trophy: This competition was originally organized as a staff versus students event in the early days at Park Farm. The trophy was donated by Geoff Dargavel, one of the original members of NRC. Currently the format of the competition is pairs Showjumping against the clock.
  • Linda Smith Memorial Trophy: This is a Freestyle Dressage To Music Competition. Competitors will be given set movements which are to be included in a dressage test which they will produce themselves. This trophy is held in memory of Linda Smith a NRC Member who sadly died in 2005 after a long illness. It was donated by Linda’s family.
  • Le Trec  NEW COMPETITION Trec 

BHS & External Competitions: As a BHS affiliated Riding Club, we are eligible to compete in all BHS Competitions and Qualifiers and the London & South East Championships. 

Social Events

 S/J at Stockers Farm with Tea, coffee, home made cakes and raffle. Dog show & Charity events; Quiz nights. Other social events will include fun rides and outings. Information is displayed on NRC Facebook and on the website. The programme may be subject to change, so please check regularly. If you have any queries, please contact us via Facebook or send us a message via our Contact Us page.


The make-up of the Committee appears in the Club Rules and Constitution and the names of your Committee Members, together with their specific responsibilities are on the web site. Any suggestions, queries, or grievances can be put to any of them, and the matter will be brought up at the monthly Committee Meeting. All Club members are eligible to stand for the Committee at the AGM, provided they have been proposed and seconded by two other members

Cancellation Policy

Northwood Riding club Cancellation Policy for Club Events and Training Sessions.

It has been agreed by the Committee of Northwood Riding club that where an event or training session has been booked and a rider cancels within 48 hours the rider will be expected to pay 50% of the cost of the session and if less than 24 hours the rider will pay the full cost. If a replacement rider is found or the instructor agrees not to make a charge this may be waived but the club reserves the right to enforce these charges where necessary. Applicants for training sessions must provide the organizer with an emergency contact number in case of last minute changes or cancellations e.g. due to bad weather. Please state which yard you are coming from.  Chairman