wellington BCR results for NRC

Northwood ladies had a successful day at a rather wet and windy Wellington in the BRC Novice Dressage qualifier.

Joanne Brett and Cooter placed 2nd out of 19 in N27 with a terrific score of £73.39%.

In the hotly contested N24, Jo and Cooter placed 5th out of 26 with a score of 67.61% (less than 1% off the class winner), with Sharon Wood and Molly taking 8th place with 65.65%. Sharon also placed 7th in P7 (Team) with 66.82%.

Juliet Messenger and Mac placed 10th in P7 (individual) with 64.09% despite Mac’s disapproval of the weather conditions.

Sadly Laura Dixon was unwell and not able to compete. Nevertheless, NRC placed a creditable 9th out of 17 teams.

Thank you to Noel Cochrane and Matthew Powers for volunteering and enabling our members to compete today.