Prix Caprilli results

Massive thanks to Jackie Barker for Judging and Diane Hill for writing. Tracey Bourne for organising and all those who helped out and baked cakes

In memory of our dear friend Jane Ellis

Janes Pony Pogue ridden by Natalie Pavlova

Class 2

1st Tracey Bourne 76.6%

Winner Tracey Bourne, Trophy kindly presented by Janes Daughter Lucy Ellis

2nd Ruth Hambleton 74%

Second winner Ruth Hambleton with Lucy Ellis

3rd joint Ellyn Ronchetti and Peter Hambleton 68.2% presented by Lucy Ellis

5th Juliet Messenger 67.6%

6th Sharron Wood 66.2%

7th Isla 64.2%

8th Jude Belsham 60.4%

Class 1

1st Kayleigh Arnold 69.736%

2nd Jill Carpanini 63.421%

3rd Renita Brady 60.789%

4th Natalie Pavlova 60.263%

5th Amy Wade Poulton on Charlie