Online Virtual Dressage Competition results

Fabulous turnout of competitors for the first competition of the year.

Big thanks to Ben Franklin for Judging and Lorraine Watson for checking the scores and Tracy Bourne for organising.


Prelim:1st Michelle Maclean on Charlie 62.72%

2nd Tessa Baylis on lewis 62.04%

3rd Nichola Peace on Inca 61.13%

Novice: 1st Ruth Hambleton on Burt 63.91%

2nd Sara-Jane Larner on Thor 63.47%

3rd Lisa Dickenson on Burt 62.17%

Elementary:1st Tracey Bourne 65.6%

2nd Sharron Wood on Molly 62.2%

3rd Sara-Jane Larner on Thor 58.2%