Le Trec results

Huge thanks to Ann Maisel for organising the virtual Le TREC Competition 2021 and Diane Hill for posting out the trophies and organising the entries.

Winner Nichola Peace quotes…one of my life ambitions was to get full marks at a Le TREC competition so I’m one very happy woman.Sully is an absolute legend £100 for joy Cervical Cancer trust and an additional £100 for the Air Ambulance from a TREC training session at Nicolas farm.


1st Mikey Winn 96%

2nd Jackie Barker 95%

3rd Juliet Messenger 92%

4th Michelle Maclean 91%

5th Tracey Bourn 88%

6th Adele Ronchetti 87%

open class

1st Nichola Pearce Sul 100%

2nd Tessa Baylis 94%

3rd Charlotte Evans 86%

4th Nichola Pearce Inka 85%

The event raised