Horse National Championship

Well Northwood’s fab four certainly did us proud in the 70cm Horse Trials National Championship placing a fantastic 8th out of 22 teams! Tracey Bourne and Bob finished a terrific 4th in their arena on a dressage score of 29.2 (2nd highest) with 1 fence down SJ and clear XC, just one second over the optimum time. But for that pesky pole, Tracey would have placed 1st 🙈. Sharon Wood and Molly finished 15th in their arena on a DR of 34.7, 1 pole down SJ and clear XC. Sara-Jane Larner finished 16th on a super DR of 28.2 (2nd highest in her arena) and a double clear SJ and XC. Nichola Peace and Inca finished 19th on a DR of 34.5, 1 pole SJ and clear XC.

Tomorrow, it’s all eyes on Mikey Winn and Jackson in the Area 6 100cm team. The pair are currently in 3rd place in their arena on another terrific dressage score of 28. Tomorrow’s discplines are Roads and Tracks, Steeplechase and XC with SJ on Sunday.