2 hour guided fun ride with Picnic to follow lots of parking miles of bridal paths

Thursday 2nd June £41.70 6pm – 8pm FULL

Prix Caprilli is a dressage competition with jumps

walk trot over poles test

walk trot canter over small jumps

Marion Jo and Tracey

Great mornings training at Chiltern xc with Joanne Brett, Marion Barnaby and Mikey Winn.Great to be back out xc …
What a great venue ….hoping to do some more dates soon!

Lovely to see so many of you at the AGM last night. Hope you enjoyed yourselves – we certainly did!
Award Winners for 2021 were:
Morris Trophy – Jill Carpanini
Hemelik Trophy – Mikey Winn
John Gosheron Trophy – Mikey Winn
Wanderer Trophy – Mikey Winn
Nelson Trophy – Lorraine Watson
Best Newcomer Trophy – Noel Cochrane
Most Improved Rider – Dressage – Sharon Wood
Most Improved Rider – Jump/pole work – Denise Coles
Congratulations to the award winners.
Thank you to those of you who took the time to provide feedback and suggestions/offers of help for future events. Look out for updates on competitions and planned events through 2022.

Morris Trophy
Hemelik Trophy
Wanderer Trophy
John Golsheron Trophy
Nelson Trophy
Best Newcomer Trophy
Most Improved Rider Dressage

Congratulations to Sharon Wood and Sara-Jane Larner, placing 6th and 7th respectively in their classes in the Combined Training Qualifier today.

Sharon Wood with Molly
Sara-Jane Larner with Thor