NRC Prix Caprilli Competition 202

1st Pennie Wickstead on Cecil 72.60 %

2nd Michelle MacLean on Charlie 71.30%

3rd Adele Ronchetti on Lilly 69.56%
4th Debbie Couchmanman on Amber 64.78%
5th Maria Gore on Ziggy 57.39%
6th Moira Winn on Boxer 56.95%
7th Sophie Alder on Luna 56.52%
8th Christina Coltrini-Magowan on Misty 53.04%

CLASS 2 Sponsored by AR Equine is

1st Joanne Brett on Cooter 83.3%

2nd Sara-Jane Larner on Thor 80.74%

3rd Ruth Hambleton on Burt 80%

4th Tessa Baylis on Lewis 77.4%
5th Marion Barnaby on George 73%
6th Tara Lyons on Sparkle 70%
7th Adele Ronchetti on Johnny 69,23%
8th Adele Ronchetti on Henry – Retired
Thankyou to Jackie Barker for judging and Diane Hill for writing and to AR Equine for sponsering class 2 .

This is a fun low key dressage competition with walk trot test with poles on ground for non jumpers or walk trot canter test with low jumps for others .
Class 2 kindly sponsored by AR Equine .
Email will be going out with copies of tests and more info .
Tracey happy to answer any queries you have.

Super day out for Northwood Ladies at the Intermediate Dressage Qualifiers.

Adele Ronchetti and Henry won the combined M/AM class with a whopping 69.14% in M63 and took 4th place with 62.5% in AM90

In the hotly contested Novice classes, Sharon Wood and Molly placed 4th out of 25 in N28 with a super 69.28% and joint 7th in N30 with 67.31%.

Thank you to Tessa Baylis and Maha Mekkaoui for giving up their Sunday morning lie-in to be our helpers at the event.

A super day of Arena TREC training, develop your horse’s hacking skills for Northwood Riding Club today. Great work everyone and lovely to welcome new club members to our TREC training sessions too.
Our next NRC TREC event is Xmas Arena TREC Competition on 3rd December.. SAVE THE DATE 😃